Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day on Glastonbury Tor

The misery of uninterrupted rain mercifully ceased. Today dawned bright and clear so it was down to Glastonbury and up the Tor for exercise. Clare's idea - she has decided she has to lose seven pounds by summer: I'm happy to be the accompanying spouse (not in the weight loss programme, you understand).

Coincidence? Prominent from the top was this view of a large heart for Valentine's Day. It's just possible, looking to the horizon, to see the Hinckley Point nuclear power station. We're suitably downwind ...

Looking back towards Wells it's just possible to see the Cathedral (flagged) and to its left St. Cuthbert's. The Mendip TV transmitter stands on the skyline. The pictures get larger if you click on them.

I sent a 1,600 word review of Brian Greene's excellent The Hidden Reality to on Saturday. I expect it to be on the site tomorrow. Meanwhile I have finished Deep State, a techno-thriller from Walter Jon Williams which they were kind enough to send me and I have written a first draft of a review (560 words), which I'll send off tomorrow.