Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Exiting the Stack

I am beginning to lose interest, sadly, in the Physics StackExchange. All my questions have been answered, I have a respectable reputation (for no good reason) and the incoming questions are mostly silly or so technical I don't understand them. In any case nothing substitutes for the slog of actually learning physics (previous post).

Roy Simpson helpfully sent me this link for learning General Relativity (video lectures from Stanford here).

Watch it on Academic Earth


The first book I have to review for arrived today while I was in Bristol visiting my mother and seeing The King's Speech again with her ... it's just as good second time around.

The book is Greg Bear's Halo: Cryptum and the review should appear on their site shortly (obviously once I've read the book and prepared the review).

[On my mother's council estate in Bristol there's a house where someone spits from the bedroom window (no doubt some medical condition). I was interested to observe that the stains on the wall form an upside-down Gaussian distribution. I may exhibit a photo one day if I feel brave enough to take it :-)].