Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our House in Well (end-April)

Working at home (i.e. down in Wells) proved very successful on Friday: the VPN worked well and telephone connections were fine. Plus longer for me in our new home.

Saturday we took a stroll in Shepton Mallet - there really isn't that much there - and then settled in The Swan Hotel (Sadler Street) back in Wells for an afternoon drink (pictured below). Today it was rainy so we strolled in the showers to the Leisure Centre. Clare is thinking of swimming and I heard mention of T'ai Chi ...

Clare & Adrian: washed out in the window is Wells Cathedral

Part of our back garden

Our front room

This is where I work at home

Our still-undecorated kitchen

The view from our main bedroom

The ensuite bathroom (Clare's new bath)

The upstairs hall - work-in-progress

Adrian & Clare explore Shepton Mallet church