Saturday, January 23, 2010

New year - new contract

So after a while in which my personal job market was a bit flat, I'm about to start a new piece of work with a client in the Reading area. This will have several consequences.

1. My maths MSc work (calculus of variations) will be squeezed into the nooks and crannies of my time. This reminds me of the situation two years ago when I started the OU course on Electromagnetism SMT359 (Maxwells's equations et al.) and then discovered I had to spend the next six months in Dubai. It all seemed to work in the end.

2. Clare ends up being home-alone in Wells with the semi-feral cat as I need to be in Reading during the week. All of a sudden we have to upgrade our own telecommunications and transport infrastructure about which you will probably be hearing more here over the next few weeks.

So it's good to be working on complex real-world problems again and good to be financing what looks to be a significant home-improvement project down there in Somerset.