Sunday, January 24, 2010

New PC, new tax model

Well today has been busy.

Down in Wells Clare and Alex have been cleaning, screwing down loose floorboards, laying loft insulation and playing host to Chris from Carpetright who came to measure up; tomorrow they start painting. I'm keeping up via Skype messaging.

Back here in Reading I bought a replacement laptop (HP) from PC World to replace our broken one and added in all the usual stuff (AVG free, Skype) this morning.

This afternoon I ordered online a replacement Roomba 530 for my mother (the current one has packed up for reasons which are unclear, maybe the battery?). I then spent way too long working on my Interweave Consulting tax model for 09/10. The main issue here was to compute the closing balance and payments on-account over the right years - let your eyes glaze and the whole thing wash over you.

So now I'm taking a break to read the paper (and write this of course!) but conscience is nagging me to return to maths this evening...

Update (7.30 p.m.): Just had a hassle-free install of Maple. Too late to start playing with it though.