Saturday, May 09, 2009


We travelled the 40 miles to Stourhead this afternoon. Stourhead is a National Trust property comprising a Palladian mansion plus 11 km2 of carefully-crafted gardens and lakes. We were quite taken aback by the size and complexity of the estate - an order of magnitude greater than Dinton Park which we visited a few days back. In fact we'll have to visit again, as there's too much to see in one afternoon.

Here's Clare at the lower lake.

And myself at the next lake down.

As we were walking back through the wooded gardens, Clare spotted a truly enormous conifer, which seemed to consist of separate trunks pictured behind her, above.

Today happened to be "Voice of Music" day at Stourhead so everywhere we walked we would stumble across a choir singing from their repertoire. We encountered plainsong, gospel, barber-shop and Joni Mitchell.

Here's a view across the lake, showing the follies, bridges and temples which ornament the banks.