Saturday, May 30, 2009

A little parting gift

Who can resist the patter of little feet around the house?

Clare's niece's three girls, aged 4 years, 2 years and five months, were a central part of our life from Tuesday through Friday. The oldest one was imaginative and relentlessly questioning; the middle one was exuberant, vocal and boisterous; the tiny tot was charming, squirmy and active nappywise. Sibling rivalry was in evidence.

For three days we have been a kindergarten.

One of the almost forgotten (at least by me) traits of toddlerhood is the way that they are little reservoirs of infection. When the middle one first bounced into the room, extraverting at the top of her little voice, I noticed a veritable Niagra Falls of mucus running from both nostrils down into her mouth. Perhaps it was as early as that I became infected.

The symptoms kicked-in as they left, yesterday. First my voice went, then this morning the sore throat.

Oh yes, and my computer is still overheating.