Saturday, July 29, 2006

"On interstellar warfare"

As I wait for the page-proofs of my soon-to-be-published book (see opposite), my thoughts turn to writing a second book. No more on telecoms though!

I have two thoughts.

I could do something on personality theories. There is a gap in the market to look at the Myers-Briggs approach vs. the academic 'Five Factor' model vs. evolutionary psychology + the results of recent brain-imaging research. I can think of a number of powerful ideas and insights from combining these disparate schools of thought and I think the results would sell.

My other idea is reflected in the title of this piece - inspired by the famous "On Thermonuclear War". Briefly, my proposition is that any alien civilization we discover will be exceptionally aggressive and dangerous (a good self-description, don't you agree?) and that we should aim to wipe them out immediately. I will look in detail at the new hyper-telescope technologies (link) which may give us the same view of alien planets as orbital satellites give us of the earth today. I then survey methods of planetary extermination including:
  • asteroid bombardment
  • relativistic weapons
  • flaring the star
  • biological weapons
  • sociological weapons.
Finally I look at options for interstellar travel, so that we can inspect the resulting wreckage and then colonise. (I also analyse our losing options).

Does this sound extreme? I think a civilization which could absorb The Simpsons is ready for my book, and I would expect it to sell by the shed load.

Joking in bad taste aside, you are invited to read the Book Proposal by clicking here.

Enjoy (expecially if you are a prospective publisher)! And actually, I think the one book could cover both of my ideas, via 'exopsychology'.