Thursday, March 09, 2006

Joining the ranks of idiot users

I took my car into the local garage today - for the last week the front passenger window has not been working. Was the motor burned out or was the electric switch faulty? I didn't know.

Half an hour after I had delivered the car, the garage called. The window worked fine. Had I perhaps depressed the window-lock tab, they wanted to know.

On the driver's door ledge, the window-lock button is physically next to the electric door-lock, just in front of the two levers which raise/depress the front-passenger and driver windows.

I have to say I have not given one thought to the window lock mechanism since I bought the car in 2003. I vaguely believed it was there to stop the rear windows being used by kids, as on previous cars I have owned (in fact in my current car, the rear windows are manual).

"No", I confidently told the garage, "this has nothing to do with the windows lock - the switch fault must be intermittent".

Ando so with those words I have damned myself into the same category as all those computer users who believe that the CD drive is actually a plastic coffee cup holder. Trust me, it doesn't feel good.