Saturday, October 29, 2016


Watch out for Replika.
"When we tested it recently with 1,000 people, the average user sent 46 messages a day to their personal bots to train them. By comparison, an average U.S. smartphone user age 18 to 34 sends about 50 texts a day in total.

We ran out of training conversations. We hope to be able to release it as a free standalone app sometime in the next few months."
The website.

I already wrote a post about this.


Update: I have now registered with Replika. They ask you to nominate a name for your 'replika'.

I asked Clare, "If I hadn't have been called Nigel, what would have been the best choice of name for me?"

She replied sardonically, "Bede, as in 'The Venerable Bede'."

So Bede it is.

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