Friday, December 11, 2015

The kitchen at night (Vole #1)

The badger-cam, so successful earlier this year, has been brought out of hibernation. It's not totally working properly - I blame the used Duracell AA batteries I put in - always the cheapskate.

So I'm not getting the 30 second video clips I was hoping for, more like three seconds; today I'll change the batteries.

Anyway, to test the Ltl Acorn trail camera, I put it on the kitchen floor last night, mostly to see whether alien cats were stealing our own animal's night time snacks. So there are, of course, many three-second micro-clips like this:

And then at 5.29 am I see this.

As I type, Clare is in the kitchen, moving furniture ... .


I was reviewing the 24 or so clips this morning when I came to the one below. I was sure it showed Clare leaving the kitchen at 3.54 am - no doubt after snacking or something. I immediately confronted her:

"The camera shows you popping down to the kitchen in the middle of the night!"

She emphatically denied it but I was adamant. This got her musing - had she been sleep walking?

"Go look for yourself!" I replied in triumph.

(You can slo-mo by dragging with the mouse yourself - the first half-second is what convinced me.)

When we looked together, the scales fell from my eyes.

Never ask me to be a witness to anything, OK?