Thursday, December 17, 2015

Me at the gym vs. Chris Froome

My post "Burning it up at the gym" noted that Chris Froome averaged 414 watts on his breakthrough climb in the 2015 Tour de France. The aerobic machines at the gym show Calorie counts, but taken at face value and converting kcals/hr to watts I seem to be generating more than 800 watts during aerobic exercises!

Dream on!

This afternoon I used the Rowing Machine in power-meter mode. Here are the results.

  • Protocol: five minutes: three @ one-minute hi-intensity + two one-minute recovery periods.

  • Distance covered: 1,100 metres.

  • Average power: 147 watts

  • Average power during hi-intensity: 210 watts

  • Absolute highest power: 265 watts momentarily.

I'm put in my place: I develop about half the power of Chris Froome during a sustained climb.

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