Friday, August 14, 2015

Turned out wet again, Piers

A trip today - there and back again in the rain! - to see my mother. Her general state of health is good and she continues to find her 'animatronic pet' Daisy engaging. Here's a previous video.

Beryl Seel with flowers today

Clare's idea - the flowers
My mother is a little confused: she told us that she'd been invited to the Council House to meet important people. I think she was referring to the Labour leadership contest which she probably saw on the TV news. We, in the meantime, have been bombarded with emails and campaign flyers from all the candidates since signing up as supporters. In fact Jeremy Corbyn's bright red pamphlet arrived today.

I have one degree of separation from Jeremy Corbyn. When I was in the International Marxist Group in London, I was on comradely terms with Piers Corbyn, his elder brother. At that time Piers was a post-grad at QMC (he did his BSc at Imperial College) studying astrophysics. He cut a rather shambolic figure with his long straggly hair and unkempt beard, coming across as eccentric and rather harmless: I recall he was always late for meetings. Subsequently Piers Corbyn became somewhat famous for unorthodox weather forecasting, more so than his MP brother. All that has now changed.

Jeremy and Piers Corbyn
I wish Piers well and suggest he rejoin the Labour Party in a senior capacity as soon as possible. I can't get enough of these fraternal leadership squabbles .. .