Thursday, August 13, 2015

Diary: timeline + gym + Susskind on YouTube

So what do we retired people do all day?
  • Up at 7.30 am, power up the computers, phone and tablets (five devices this morning) and read The Times on the Nexus 10 app (Clare ditto on her iPad).

  • 9.30 am finds me hoovering upstairs and downstairs while Clare is sloshing water around the kitchen, hall and bathroom. We take a break and wait for stuff to dry.

  • 11.30 and I'm off to the local gym. My session is 50 minutes: equal time aerobic and resistance machines. Taking into account there-and-back, warm-up and -down and showering and it's about an hour and a half. Clare's there too, about half the time, and claims to be 'weak as a kitten'.

  • Lunch.

  • We pop down to the shops to buy: sponges; a set of wooden spoons; groceries at Waitrose. It doesn't rain.

  • Clare takes a siesta with The Guardian while I spend ninety minutes writing a Prolog program to check palindromes (this tests data entry + list and string primitives: I'm still absorbing the language). The program doesn't work.

  • A cup of coffee.

  • I watch Professor Leonard Susskind's third lecture on Statistical Mechanics - he's deriving the Boltzmann distribution so we review Stirling's formula for factorials and Lagrange multipliers. Like half his audience, I'm much in need of his review.

  • Six pm. Dinner is delicious spicy chicken, bacon and rice prepared by Clare's fair hand. I eat way too much shortbread and chocolate. Never mind, it's a fast day tomorrow.

  • Evening. Catch up on blogs while Clare watches Andy Murray in Montreal on Sky Sports 5.

Another perfect day in paradise ...