Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Bristol Harbour Tour

Another set of mindless day-trip snaps of no interest except to ourselves and perhaps real close family. Look away now, folks.

Bristol Packet Boat Trips do tours of the central Bristol waterways and as there was a rare lack of rain, today was the day. When the sun goes behind the clouds I can see the Nexus 6 screen, and then I can flip to 'selfie-mode' on the camera. Clare tells me that 'people' were 'staring' but they all seemed way too preoccupied taking their own selfies.

From the Packet Boat ... Bristol Harbour

Looking towards The Centre

The pastel houses of Hotwells

Clevedon Pier

First Mr Whippy of the season for Clare
I suggested Tyntesfield (National Trust) for lunch but as we sped through Failand Clare recalled past invasions of wasps there, so the meal was relocated to the Star Inn on the way to Clevedon (where we were driven inside by wasps).

Just watched the BBC 2 Horizon programme featuring Dr Michael Mosley on health tests for the worried well. The problem is the plague of false/misleading positives, where you are told enough to worry you but the diagnosis is either mistaken or there is no effective treatment. So you flip from joie de vivre to chronic low-level anxiety.

You are advised instead to eat and drink in moderation, take exercise, watch your weight and quit smoking.

Good advice .. as usual.