Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday morning

Clare likes to listen to Test Match Special on Radio 4 in bed. Obviously just while she awaits my presence ... Anyway, so long has her small, portable radio been centred on 198 metres long-wave that something inside has eroded. The test match commentary has been replaced by crackles (all other stations, and FM, are fine). So purchase number one this morning was a beautiful objet d'art which handles FM and DAB, from John Lewis.

My second Internet purchase was one kg of granular Xylitol, a guilt-free replacement for sugar on cereals, in cakes and in all other areas of cuisine. I bought a decorative new sugar bowl from The Factory Shop in town to store it in.

My final task this morning was to get my mother's "emergency use" Nokia mobile phone re-activated. Three months of non-use and O2 had closed the account. Matt from Phones4U explained that the motivation was O2 being 'green'.

Right. That's a couple of kilobytes freed up in O2's back-office systems then. Planet sorted.

A new pay-go SIM card later - and a new number - and we're on-net again. I've configured the phone for occasional, emergency use: contacts limited to the emergency call-list, voicemail turned off, font set to large ...