Sunday, March 31, 2013

Clocks, clocks!

Skipping through the manual in the cold car, repeatedly pressing the "disp" column on the dashboard for a measured set of seconds - this was the final act of an orgy of clock-visiting, where each seems to have its own, idiosyncratic method of being advanced an hour.

It struck me that this is the last generation of such twice-yearly idiocy. Already the clocks on the smartphones, computers, TV and radio are networked: they're smart enough to know what time it is. I imagine the prototypical clock of the future: the face is like the Kindle's e-ink, no moving parts, with a backlit display for night-time, and it has built-in WiFi so it can talk to the Internet. It never gets the time wrong.You can buy e-ink wristwatches right now and, for a price, there's ...

Update at 10.30 a.m.: the cat just caught its first vole of 2013: I saved it.