Saturday, November 17, 2012

Wells Carnival Pix

The previous post showed some videos: here are some pictures from last night's Wells Carnival.

A tired cat dancer

At this point the procession had been halted for about five minutes; I guess they couldn't get one of the longer floats around the tight bend from Chamberlain Street into Sadler Street leading to the Market Square. The dancers did their thing in place for a while, then ran out of steam.

A chubby float dancer

Not all the dancers were svelte, studio types. Several had the BMI you associate with Greggs in the High Street.

The Sweet Shop

This is just such a traditional float scene.

Butch Cop

The 'Jailbreak' float. I swear this cop has bristles.

Yes, "It's Food"

There were plenty of food vans lining the route: not all exhibited the famous grocer's apostrophe.