Friday, November 30, 2012

Epson BX630FW printer

My HP G85 multifunction printer-scanner-copier-fax finally died after thirteen year's service, three or four house moves and a return trip to Virginia. I've replaced it with the Epson four-in-one device pictured, and at time of writing (and photographing) I am desperately trying to get the WiFi connection to work between my laptop and the uncommunicative black cuboid in the corner. Why doesn't it just work? Why are the instructions so maddeningly sparse and opaque?

(A few minutes later): it turns out that you have to ignore the quick set-up sheet: start by updating the printer firmware and install the PC device drivers via a USB link; then configure the printer's access to the wireless LAN on the printer itself; finally use the laptop control panel 'add new printer' function to get the WiFi connection working.

Not so hard then ...