Friday, March 23, 2012

Telegraph => Times

Last night I was reading an article (on Osborne's Budget as a matter of fact) and I forgot the site whence came the piece. I remember thinking: 'This is a little bit intelligent for The Telegraph' and then I recalled - I was reading The Economist blog.

So there and then it was settled. Today I cancelled my Kindle subscription to The Telegraph and instead enrolled with The Times (my proxy for a daily Economist).

I had previously been reading The Times when my free subscription ran out. It was very messy (on a smartphone) trying to sign up to the pay version - The Telegraph by contrast exploits Amazon's legendary easiness-of-use.

Anyway, today I signed up to The Times on my laptop. it was only moderately hard to disentangle the maze of offers and prices: I have settled for the £2 per week web edition which delivers The Times to my PC and to the phone.

I had been worried about downloads to the PC which wouldn't transfer properly to my HTC and all that kind of stuff but in the event my fears were groundless. The laptop process gave me a Times account with user-name and password, and that's typed into my existing Android Times app to grant access.

It's a shame the process is so off-puttingly opaque, though.