Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Back already!

We were driven back by the cold and returned home from Devon this evening.

Our home from home at Hidden Valley

After our one and only night in the tent above, an aeon spent cowering from the icy drafts and slowly sliding off the end of our air-bed (amazing what even a slight incline can do), Clare decided to call time.

Clare at Croyde Beach: a picture of frozen

We started the morning by driving down to Croyde, south of Woolacombe, and taking a walk along the coastal path. The picture above will give you a clue as to how balmy it was.

The author at Woolacombe: it's brightened up

By the afternoon we had moved on to Woolacoombe where we strolled in the improving weather. At last the sun!

Blonde, shades: could be the Bahamas!

We had not visited Woolacombe before and were amazed at its broad, deserted beach, so flat and long you could land a plane on it. We did not, however, venture onto Woolacombe International Airport, contenting ourselves with a brief cliff-top walk.

We drove back through the centre of Exmoor. Quite disappointing: most of it is farmed and fenced, and for miles the view from the road is obscured by picturesque but high hedging. There's a wild part just before you get to Simonsbath but Exmoor certainly isn't Dartmoor.

So cute (this morning after breakfast)

I swear he did this himself.

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