Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Car trap at Croscombe

We were in Reading Monday and Tuesday; I had client meetings in London. The cat was left to manage our property and subsist on dry food Iams. He seemed none the worse.

Anyway, back last night and Clare finds two traffic violation letters in the hall. A little while ago she was trundling to Frome through Croscombe and a covert police radar caught her doing 35 in a 30 mph zone. All oblivious and returning from Marks and Spencer's a couple of hours later, they got her again, this time doing an insane 36 mph. I am naturally shocked, shocked!

She has written offering to take the "speeding driver awareness workshop" (80 pounds) rather than the two times sixty pound fine and 6 penalty points. If they ask her to take the same course twice though, she's inclined to save money and pay her debt to society directly.

It's kind of spooky to be under the same roof as a habitual criminal ...