Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Walk to Wookey

Saturday afternoon while the men were still working on our kitchen we took the West Mendip Way (which runs past our house) up into the Mendips. After a mile or so we reached the top and nestling in the next valley found Wookey Hole (pictured below).

Wookey Hole

The locals apparently call it "Wookey": being originals, we debated whether in our circle we should informally call it "Hole" ('shall we take a stroll to Hole today?').

Glastonbury Tor from seven miles away

Turning the camera in the other direction we could just make out Glastonbury Tor at the limit of the camera-phone resolution.

Our evening meal was at The Riverside, an Indian restaurant on the Glastonbury Road. The atmosphere was excellent, the place buzzing and the service fast and friendly. We felt the food didn't totally live up to these high standards though it was tasty enough. Too much reading of A. A. Gill has made restaurant critics of us all.

After much box-unpacking today, Alex and myself returned to Reading from where I write these words. Clare and the cat remain for another week project-managing our very own grand design. The cat, I should add, is absolutely lovin' it.