Sunday, March 21, 2010

War Addiction

Wells Film Centre was showing "The Hurt Locker" on Saturday night. This is the film about American bomb disposal troops in Bagdad which won best picture at the Oscars. The film centre has three screens and the middle-sized one where we saw the feature was completely packed.

This was a very good movie structured around bomb-team call-outs to incidents. It's gripping, gory and ghoulishly humourous by moments and definitely worth a look - the key to its message is in the first few frames of the film which carefully spell out the dictionary definition of the term "War Addiction".

On the home front we have a week of tiling to look forwards in the shower room and makeovers planned for the other two bathrooms. All the boxes are now emptied and the place is beginning to look like home. By Easter we should be there. Then the outside work has to begin (and don't mention the windows).

This afternoon we took a circular walk to the south-east of Wells, across The Park to Dulcote and back (pictured).

The author: pensive near Dulcote