Saturday, March 06, 2010

Moving in on Tuesday

Having camped for so long in Alex's flat in Reading, it's a shock to realise that our furniture is now ready to leave storage on Tuesday. Clare will be on hand to welcome it to Wells and from here on that will be our residence. I will remain during the week in Reading while my current work-contract is in force.

The cat which is going stir-crazy here should be delighted - at last a chance to explore the Mendips, meet other living things and kill them.

We have been living out of our respective suitcases ever since December. As I will soon have access to my clothes again I am preparing to migrate to business casual. This morning acompanied by my style guru Clare we visited Marks & Spencer to get my Spring Collection together: a new suit (long overdue) and a set of new biz-casual shirts.

Alice in Wonderland in 3D was completely booked for tonight so we're going tomorrow night instead.