Thursday, December 17, 2009

Moving Day

Well, we did it!

My first act on arrival was to unpack the coax and retune the digital TV. My second act was to turn my computer on. So let me start properly ...

I write this via the Vodafone 3G connection from Alex's flat overlooking the Thames in Reading. We seemed to be carrying half the house in the car when we left - strange how that happens when we'd already managed by proxy to fill a vast Pickford's pantechnicon.

You will want to know first about Shadow. He was placed in the utility while the removal men did their good work and in an act akin to putting toothpaste back into the tube, we eventually (three of us) managed to get him into the cat box.

Our ride to Reading was accompanied by sporadic mewling noises but he has adjusted rapidly to the new two-bedroom accommodation. Clare periodically picks him up and rubs his little paws through the litter in the kitchen: to-date without result.

I have a Christmas meal tonight with the folk at Pro4 so while I brave the arctic north wind and fine powdery blizzard for turkey with all the trimmings, Clare will stay in the warm and have an excellent opportunity to ... unpack.

I hope to get the survey results on our prospective purchase in Wells at the weekend. If it works we could complete by the third week in January. Add a month for building modernisation and I guess we'd be moving on in February (a great month they tell me for house moves).