Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Moving day minus one day (Boxes)

Yesterday afternoon, following the arrival of the boxes (see below) I started work as a one person box factory. If you seek evidence of my work, circumspice - or more accurately take a look at the photos following.

The boxes arrive into our living room

Packed boxes colonise the hall

Clare's paintings don't seem to fit

Not much of a study

Around mid-morning it began to snow: the fine, powdery stuff which makes a hissing, sizzling sound all around you as you walk the garden path to the garage with empty preparatory boxes in your hand.

Did I mention that as the light was fading, we found that our front drain was blocked just outside the kitchen window, facing the driveway? The plumber has been ordered for tomorrow morning, where he will have to dodge the removal men.

The next time you hear from me, all this madness should be behind us and we should be camped in Alex's flat in Reading.