Saturday, February 07, 2009

Hurstbourne Tarrant

This afternoon the snow had melted sufficiently for us to take the air, so donning our recently-much-used arctic gear, we headed off to Hurstbourne Tarrant, about 5 miles north of Andover.

Clare climbing out of Hurstbourne Tarrant

Our circular walk started along the Test Way, walking uphill out of the village to the south.

Hurstbourne Tarrant from Wallop Hill Down

As we climbed to the tree line, we had this wonderful backwards view of the snowy village beneath us.

Nigel in Doles Copse

Soon we entered the woodland (Doles Copse) at the top of the hill.

Doles Copse

Most of the woodland is privately-owned, and someone was out shooting - very close. I had visions of us both diving for cover into the snow, but we managed to exit the woods without seeing the mysterious hunters, and unscathed.

Clare descending Dolomans Lane

Crossing the A343, we walked towards Windmill Hill before turning right down Dolomans Lane. At one point, the droveway opens out into a field, covered with untouched snow.

We finished with pints at the George and Dragon pub, where we were closely-questioned by the locals as to what we had been doing in their village.