Thursday, February 19, 2009

Andover Down

A stroll through the woods at Andover Down this morning, starting at The Middleway. Quite balmy for February at 9°C.

The Path through Old Pound

We came back along the Test Way, breaking off to use the Disused Railway as a shortcut back to the car.

Following the Disused Railway

Clare ended up next to the dead deer below, almost without noticing it.

Dead on the Track

The final part of the circular trip was back along The Middleway, where we saw further early signs of Spring.

The Author amidst the Snowdrops

As mentioned in the previous post, the cat has taken to sloughing off its bell-collar. So we drove to "Pets At Home" to pick up something more robust, one which can cope with the cat''s ever-increasing ingenuity. Here's Clare attaching it.


Looking at the picture below, I'm not sure that Shadow has necessarily bought into Clare's pacifist project.

Hey voles - I'm Good-to-Go