Thursday, February 26, 2009

An emulation of twittering

I am not signed up with Twitter, but if I was, it would look something like this (today's Twitters).

Nigel is:

* Delighted that for the second day there are no voles in the house [8.30 a.m.]

* Sorting out more details from his father's Will [9 a.m.]

* Working out his latest VAT Returns [10.15 a.m.]

* Talking via Skype to his mother about disposing of used printer cartridges [10.35 a.m.]

* Discussing a camping holiday in the Pyrénées this summer with Clare [11.03 a.m.]

* Rewriting the conclusions of his Open University essay on Quantum Measurement [11.30 a.m.]

* Writing about Twitter in his diary [11.44 a.m.]