Monday, July 21, 2008

Our new battery-powered mower

We have had a manual mower since we first moved into the current house, five years ago. It has had its moments, most notably when we returned from Dubai after four weeks away and found the lawn had shot up to a foot high! That took a few days - the kind of work-out typically only enjoyed by riders in the Tour de France.

Finally, in an excess of lubrication, a wheel fell off yesterday and the internal plastic workings were revealed in all their worn inadequacy. It was time for a new one.

A quick trip to HomeBase and we reviewed the options. Clare was initially quite taken with a hover mower, but we soon settled on a battery driven cylinder model. Just hate that power cable dragging, wrapping itself around obstacles and waiting to be cut. But would the battery be strong enough?

We powered it up overnight, and at sun-up (almost!) Clare was kitted up and ready to try it. Judge for yourself.