Monday, July 14, 2008

The Center of the Earth

Immediately breaking our resolution of last week to only see intelligent movies in future, yesterday evening found us again at the new, state-of-the-art Andover cinema to see "Journey to the Center (sic) of the Earth" in exciting 3D.

I have to say that the 3D was the main motivation.

"Two tickets please, 'Centre of the Earth'."

"That'll be £12 - screen 4."

"Uh, do we get our 3D glasses at the entrance?"

"We don't have 3D projection apparatus in this cinema. It's 2D. You're not the only people who asked."

Amongst all the scientific absurdities, too many to list (including magnetic rocks which can levitate a penknive and each other, and a 1G, normal temperature-ish, well-lit environment at the centre of the earth) they did get one relatively obscure scientific fact correct. Deep inside the earth the magnetic field lines do indeed run the opposite way than on the surface, so compasses (Curie point permitting) would have their north-finding arrows pointing south.

The movie spoke to everyone's inner ten year old, and the audience exited the movie with child-like smiles on their faces.