Thursday, March 01, 2018

Gun Girls

This, from Steve Sailer, is quite amusing: (you don't need to watch it all).

Most of the problems are due to recoil, the women not holding the stock firmly enough against the shoulder or not bracing. In other cases, unfamiliarity with how it feels when a gun fires.

Commentator 'Twinkie' writes:
"Unlike most of you here, I’ve actually trained men and women in unarmed and armed combat. Let me break down a few things for those of you for whom the subject is entirely theoretical (or media-derived, one way or another).

In unarmed combat, women are at a SEVERE disadvantage against men. There is a whole host of biomechanical factors that make this so. This is not just a matter of “upper body strength” disparity (though that difference on average is HUGE). Punching-, kicking-, and throwing-power derives from the rotational force of the hips, and men are much stronger than women in this area (men who “punch like girls” punch with their upper body/arms only – trained fighters generate much greater force from the twist of the hips). It also hurts women that their bone density is low (that “thudding” power some men have is a combination of good technique AND high bone density – Manny Pacquiao, for example, is reputed to have the wrist diameter comparable to much higher weight boxers).

There are basically THREE ways in which a woman can beat a man. One, she catches him by surprise and doesn’t stop. Sucker punching (or kicking/elbowing/kneeing/head-butting) works. Two, she is armed. Three, there is a large skill disparity in favor of the woman (e.g. if she is an Olympic Judoka and the man is untrained, the odds are good she will throw him on his head). In combination of two or all of these factors (and a little luck), women can beat men. But, outside of them, it’s fantasy, pure and simple – it’s men beating small children, basically.

I won’t go into impact/bladed weapons for now, but in terms of firearms training, I’ve found that – initially – women are MUCH EASIER to train to a decent standard. Women are generally afraid of guns – they are disproportionately affected by the noise and recoil. BUT, they harbor much fewer illusions about their natural abilities and tend to follow instruction better. In my experience (and those of many other trainers I know), women novices are therefore easier to train than male novices (too many idiot males think they know what they are doing). Nonetheless, at the upper echelons of shooting, men will dominate, whether it is accurate, long distance shooting or shooting on the move. Women just seem to lack the high-level visuo-spatial ability (and quick mathematical ability for long distance shooting) to do it at elite levels.

Another major problem for most women is that they suffer from hesitation. People often talk about “fight or flight,” but the choices are actually “fight, flight, or freeze.” Many, perhaps, most untrained men freeze when confronted with threats as well, but women are particularly prone to hesitating and not acting violently and decisively to neutralize threats. This is probably both biological and social. ..."
An interesting, if robust view.

[Note: "Another use of Twinkie can be in describing an Asian American who has become completely integrated into White American, or mainstream American culture, thus losing their traditional Asian values. A reference to "Twinkie" can be seen in the 2004 film Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, where Harold, a Korean American, is referred to as a "Twinkie". This term is derived from the traditional metaphor "banana" and means "yellow on the outside, white on the inside"].


We are waiting for major blizzards expected this evening and tomorrow afternoon. As I write, a rather dessicated snowfall has been dusting the ground for hours.

Before the serious snow

There's tension in the house: shouldn't we be panic-buying in Waitrose?


  1. So ... with storms coming is it:
    flight, fight or freeze ...?

    1. 'Twinkie' seems to be an original 'army brat', now a PhD, a Catholic, possibly with Ranger training and with three counter-insurgency tours behind him. I think he'd hunker down, protect and survive .. as shall we!


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