Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Skatepark rats

There is a footpath which runs parallel to Lovers Walk from Milton Lane down to Waitrose at Whiting Way. For a while, it's had rats. Recently there's been a population explosion: a couple of days ago we saw three going to the shop, and two more returning. (We were shopping, not the rats.)

Here's the area, within the red ellipse.

It's hard to know where the rats hang out, but they retreat from the footpath into a couple of well-known little holes on the south side of the trail.

Looking SW towards the Skatepark, note the wall to the left

The small hole in the red circle is one rat-run

Looking back NE towards Milton Lane, notice the door to the right

The small hole at the bottom (circled) - that's another rat-run.

Clare has contacted Environmental Health at Mendip District Council. This is what she said:
"Today I encountered two rats on the footpath near Lovers Walk, Wells (near the Skateboard park).  On Monday I passed three rats.  I am informed that dealing with this issue is your responsibility.  If this is so ...... now is the time for action. "

Update: finally a picture and video of the rats.


  1. Incidentally has AI reached Waitrose? "Pick your own" is closing to be replaced by an in-house selection system of some sort.

    1. Like most people, I found "pick your own" baffling and never used it.

      Today my carefully curated coupons arrived. Clare said, "They know you so well."

      No Google hits for "Waitrose AI" so it's probably 'multivariate regression" .. .

    2. Seems my question was well timed! As you can see from Clare's comment there has been some personalisation ("Supermarket giant finally understands Nigel") here.

      In "Pick your own" each user has to choose a list for themselves from a larger database-set. In this new scheme "they" claim to have learned what each user wants and likes individually. Hence I wondered about AI.

      Multivariate regression can be an input to an ANN, I understand. I shall see when my coupons arrive.

    3. All you will truly know is that it does indeed work!


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