Friday, January 26, 2018

The Watchers at Ham Wall

We could have paid the £1.50 for two hours parking at the Ham Wall RSPB Nature Reserve but - well, you know - it was free if you joined.

On the Somerset Levels, the site is only about twenty minutes drive for us, and Clare was entranced by the free hedgehog gift. So why not?

The nature reserve is laid out as a long rectangle, perhaps 6 km in total. No-one knows what's in the collective mind of the starlings as they decide where to roost of an evening. We had no hopes, and after an hour's stroll in the late afternoon decided to return to the RSPB hut to grab a hot drink.

But .. within our last hundred yards, to the north of the track, the starlings flew in and roosted. You see the black mass of them in the picture below.

A murmuration of starlings above their roosting site

Earlier snap of Clare and myself: it's five degrees and damp

Did I mention the RSPB fluffy hedgehog free gift? The one on the right?


A couple of videos I took.

Captures the look and feel I think. You can hear Clare's voice in the background.

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