Wednesday, August 02, 2017

My Personal Genome Project report has now arrived

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I discovered the Personal Genome Project in September 2014 and immediately tried to sign up. They weren't taking new volunteers.

In December 2015 (15 months later) I finally did succeed in registering, but no-one was very interested in taking a spit-sample.

In May 2016, my sample collection kit arrived and I duly spat for science. I returned my sample for sequencing, at which point they stored it .. and nothing whatsoever happened.

It is now August 2017. Fifteen further months have passed and this morning I received an email from the PGP. I have been sequenced!

Here is my report (PDF) - I waive all privacy concerns.


My genome will now be released for research. Was there anything interesting in the report? No. Was it different in any important respect than that which I already received from 23andMe? No.

As usual, the report is mostly centred around SNPs. Unfortunately most interesting phenotypic traits are polygenic, the full connections with genomic variation yet to be unravelled. The SNPs - taken individually - simply adjust your odds ratio up or down for various conditions. Example: some of my SNPs elevate my odds for baldness; others lower it.

Insofar as the science centres around connecting my personal genome with my own phenotype characteristics, research should now focus on the latter.

I look forward to the first request for the promised punch biopsy.

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  1. Recently read books on Epigenetics (and Junk DNA). DNA genes need to be supplemented by Epigenetic instructions. Interesting extension of the basic theory here: - even Lamark wasnt 100% wrong after all!

    Epigenetics controls such things as the biological clocks and much else. Some "data" comes from parents, some from the environment. Likewise in brain, so some AI researchers think there might be ideas for ANN improvement here, and they may be right.

    I saw a reference in your code to something about "tea drinking"...


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