Thursday, June 29, 2017

Recipe: mediaeval baked beans

... could use more beans and much more curry sauce

1. Take a pan of boiling water. Add potato powder (such as Smash instant mash potato) and a bit of butter plus curry powder. Stir until reasonably firm.

2. Heat a small can of baked beans adding milk to bulk it out, plus curry powder.

3. Shape the mashed potato into a cylindrical fort on the plate. Then pour the hot curried beans into the central cavity until full. Do not let the beans or sauce penetrate the potato-wall.


Preparation Options 

1. A hard-boiled egg can be cut up and added to the baked beans while in the pan for a slightly larger meal. The water for boiling the egg can later be used for the mashed potato powder.

2. For extra flavouring, a brown ketchup such as 'Daddies Sauce' may be drizzled onto the beans after placement in the potato-castle.

3. If there is any doubt as to the amount of curry powder to use, add more.


Eating the Meal

Eat with a fork from the outside, chipping away at the potato wall then dipping the fork into the central beans. The objective is to eat as long as possible without the walls of the castle giving away and unleashing a sortie of baked bean 'defenders' onto the plate.


This was a favourite of mine when I was a student.

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