Thursday, May 25, 2017

Diary: Burnham-on-Sea

Temperatures hit 24 degrees again today. Time for a trip to the Somerset Riviera: Burnham-on-Sea.

If Weston-super-Mare (love the Latin!) just up the road has gentrified over the last twenty years, Burnham retains its authentic working-class culture: the mother chasing her recalcitrant toddler along the beach, shoulders reddening, crying "Jason, stop kicking over those sandcastles - they don't belong to you!"

I digress. Click on any of the images to make them larger.

Clare really enjoys the Somerset Riviera -
the beach is such an improvement over Nice

This in homage to Jonathan Meades - lover of concrete brutalism in all its forms

One of the sights from Burnham: the Hinkley Point reactors A and B.
I watched with fascinated interest for any intense flares of actinic blue light:
Burnham is downwind of the reactor.

The sandy beach will be packed this summer.

Never let it be said that we don't delight in our beach experience.
After our picnic, Clare read her John le Carré  in the bright sunshine;
I tried to read the screen of my Nexus 6.

You get a better class of beach graffiti at Burnham, perhaps inspired by Hinkley Point?

Your author on the promenade

If you'd like to check out the beach and sea-front at Burnham-on-Sea, here's a bonus video.

We'll certainly be back!

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