Thursday, February 16, 2017

Stonehenge in the February rain

Perverse to visit Stonehenge yesterday, with heavy rain forecast for most of the day. Perhaps it was only Bristol Water, turning off our supply for 8 hours for 'urgent repairs', who could have forced us out.

Anyway, a chance to see the new Visitor Centre and admire the A303 before it vanishes into a tunnel forever.

Clare approaches the new Visitor Centre - henge-themed

An ancestor of Trevor Eve was found here 5,000 years ago
(click on image to make larger and read the caption).

Never have I seen such bedraggled sheep

Traffic jams on the A303 .. oh, and some rocks

Clare was sampling something from the local druids I guess

We did have a conversation about it.

Afterwards we took a late lunch in Warminster. Much as I would like the town to be associated with the heavy military presence on the adjacent Salisbury Plain, in fact:
"The town's name has evolved over time, known as Worgemynstre in approximately 912 and it was referred to in the Domesday Book in 1086 as Guerminstre.

The town name of Warminster is thought to derive from the River Were, a tributary of River Wylye which runs through the town, and from an Anglo-Saxon minster or monastery, which existed in the area of St Denys's Church.

The river's name, "Were" may derive from the Old English "worian" to wander."

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