Monday, October 17, 2016

Inferno (film, 2016)

Reviews of Inferno have veered between 'excellent' and 'rubbish'. Let me take the median position - it was an OK popcorn movie, hyperkinetic tourism with a ludicrous plot. I looked at my watch twice; Clare said she enjoyed it.

The bad guy, billionaire Bertrand Zobrist,  kicks the film off with a long rant that the only way to save the world from the consequences of rampant overpopulation is to wipe out a large proportion of the human race. Naturally he has a virus which will kill one in every two people infected, and of course triggering this virus is going to involve following a long and tortuous series of clues linked to Dante's Inferno.

I thought Zobrist was given fair space to make his point and his concerns about overpopulation are well-founded  - his solution, not so much.

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