Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Weston super Mare

Last hot day of the summer, etc. We drive to Weston super Mare for a picnic; it's warm, humid and overcast.

When we arrive, for wonder, the tide is almost in but it's departing at jogging pace. All too soon the sandy beach extends to that familiar mud, stretching for hundreds of yards to the receding water.

We walk onto the pier (£1 each to gain access; what's that all about?) and take tea.

We continue to the mini-headland which marks the northern extent of the Land Train route.

Pleading exhaustion, we do that OAP thing and take the Land Train back to the Tropicana and our car, and return home.

OAPs ride for £1

Your author, not above taking it easy on the Land Train

Now available for trips around the bay

The sea front at Weston super Mare, September 7th 2016

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