Monday, August 08, 2016

Black sludge

The cat is buried in that plot in the back garden previously occupied by the cat toilet.

That was an innovatory concept, due to Clare, which involved digging a shallow trench, filling it with copious spare cat litter, and then dusting it off with a layer of sand mixed with soil.

I was not consulted, but had I been, I would have observed that cat litter is very absorbent, gets heavy when wet .. and in that state is never used by cats.

The cat toilet was never used.

The cat passed on a month or so ago. The sodden cat litter was dug out and placed in a large canvas bag (previously containing a ton of gravel). The cat was placed in the hole, covered with soil and is currently the favoured spot for grass cuttings disposal.

Today, Alex and myself transferred that canvas bag, now filled with evil-smelling black sludge, to the local dump. Getting its sheer dead weight into the car was almost beyond our joint abilities. At the dump we had to shovel the disgusting slurry into the skip.

As I write, the car has been decontaminated, our clothes have been through a heavy-duty cycle and we have both been hosed down.

RIP Shadow.