Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Take the test :-)

Since writing about the Labour Party's top team personality types, I got re-interested in the Myers-Briggs stuff.

Feel free to take this personality test and be sure to let me know your results.

My Personality Test Result: INTJ-A

I scored INTJ-A, which seems to be Myers-Briggs INTJ plus a fifth scale measuring emotional stability vs. neuroticism (bringing MB into alignment with the 'Big 5' model). I usually score INTP, just a little on the P side of the J-P axis, so perhaps I'm getting a little more judgemental in my old age.


Talking of old age, I have just completed the online application form for my state pension, due January 2016. Fifty years ago, the earlier-me had just started his O-level year at Bristol Grammar School and was wondering how to be a theoretical physicist. Getting a pension was so not on the future radar.

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