Thursday, July 02, 2015

Dyrham Park

We visited Dyrham Park today. The entire building is covered in scaffolding, which the National Trust has turned into a feature. You can get up to roof level (75 feet) where you get an overview of the extensive restoration work plus a novel look at the grounds. Pictures below.

Clare on the roof - a vision in Hi-Vis

Your author overlooking the Park

Part of the formal gardens at NT Dyrham Park, nr. Bath

We ambled down from the entrance car park, amazed at the semi-tameness of the deer while keeping a wary eye on the cows before arriving at the house and our favourite attraction, the tea rooms.

As we subsequently completed our walk around the gardens about sixty school kids ran onto the grass, shouting, jumping .. delirious with freedom. Five minutes later the heavens opened and we at least escaped the deluge in the bus.