Monday, February 09, 2015

And all shall be well

After recent posts of MWI exotica, I think it's time to come down to mundane reality as informed by Julian of Norwich:

And all shall be well and
All manner of thing shall be well

We took the car to the car wash this morning, and as the mud and salt came off, further dents and rust marks were revealed at the back of the vehicle. The eye of suspicion was directed at your humble correspondent but as the weather improves from a chilly four degrees my accuser will be the one with the paintbrush in hand (you go, girl!).

My mother's TV has again mysteriously gone 'on the blink' but hopefully this can be fixed shortly.

Both Clare's and my weight had been creeping slowly upward - so much so that Clare wrote plaintively in her diary "I have let myself go!" Yesterday we took ourselves in hand and this morning we had both lost two pounds! (We are not so naive as to think 7,000 Calories of fat can be burned off in a day: in the short run, scales measure your food and fluid intake).

The Malvern Hills
We have family visiting this weekend-coming and a holiday booked in the Malvern Hills for next month: this brings my catalogue of modestly-upbeat news to an end.