Thursday, August 07, 2014

Cataracts - bah!

Busy day today. Started with the opticians for an eye test: they were very thorough. It appears that my eyes have degraded yet again - new specs! - and that I have early-onset cataracts. The effect, apparently is to make the lenses of both eyes rather misty rather than clear and transparent. Here are the typical symptoms.

  • you may find it more difficult to see in dim or very bright light
  • the glare from bright lights may be dazzling or uncomfortable to look at
  • colours may look faded or less clear
  • everything may have a yellow or brown tinge
  • you may have double vision
  • you may see a halo (a circle of light) around bright lights, such as car headlights or street lights
  • if you wear glasses, you may find that they become less effective over time

I'm told to expect the operations (both eyes) in 3-5 years (just like my parents). Genes, huh.

After that excitement I joined Clare, very delayed, to hoover the church. I do this in a spirit of solidarity with my idiosyncratically-observant wife and for the exercise. I currently lose the hoover detritus but am open to offers from any spies who wish a DNA bomb to deliberately false-trail scene-of-incident genetic evidence.

Then I hit the gym to put it all behind me!

A recent post bemoaned my indecision as to how to use my spare time .. and Adrian's now-vacated bedroom as a study. I have decided to write some AI programs in JavaScript (calm yourselves - it's become a proper language these days!) which I can use to cheer up this very blog. Don't hold your collective breaths!