Sunday, July 20, 2014


Woke up recalling a dream where I was working as the new member of a warehouse team - probably as an Amazon elf. Awesome, isn't it, how the brain can create simulations of other people with their own personalities in dreams?

Then I recalled that's how it is when you're awake as well. Everyone you deal with, your brain has created a simulation model of them which you mistakenly believe to be 'out there' and objective. Your brain fabricates that creative illusion by neural activity alone.

Then I thought. That's got to apply to me too - I must be a self-model. No wonder other people are amazed at my self-delusions. I remind myself this is only what my simulations of them are saying -although these have proven remarkably accurate in the past.

I idly wonder how stupid people can ever create accurate simulations - in their sorry apologies for brains - of smart people? Obviously they can't.

I then remind myself of how often my own predictions of other people's responses go sadly awry. I hurriedly move on.