Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ski progress report

My second (Intermediate) ski class this morning. Leveraging previous classes 18 years ago I was signed-off to Advanced level. Such miniscule triumphs; such enormous pleasure!

(So this is the class you have to take before they let you onto the slope at all? Er, yes.)

Not me in the picture and not the slope either

Everything here now signed off - click to see syllabus

Adrian's advice was good: the lower (downslope) ski wants to go where it's pointed .. . Use the knees and ankles to steer it, not the waist. Remember how they ski the moguls!

The actual Advanced lesson is Friday afternoon, where I get to ski the entire 165 metres of the hill. Then next Sunday it's time to morph my rather erratic snow plough turns to something more parallel.

Adrian just asked me satirically whether, assuming I pass, I get a signed photo with my instructor ...