Sunday, September 01, 2013

Stourhead's Festival of the Voice (NT)

"The Festival of the Voice" was the featured attraction today at Stourhead (as it will be throughout the Sundays of September). Singers and choirs milled around Stourhead's picturesque locations performing on the hour to visitors and waterfowl both.

We took a picnic and had a small, purely tactical battle with the wasps in the stable yard adjacent to the Walled Garden; the Spread Eagle courtyard, however, with its food, ice-creams and beer was swarm-central for the stripy summer muggers - tables were abandoned as the creatures colonised double-cream pots and sandwiches.

Well out of it, we circumnavigated the lake and played dilettante at the music we encountered. The ducks seem aggressive this year (pix) don't you think? It's like they own the place.

Ducks like wasps

Clare fronting the Pantheon

Duck crosses bridge

The view from the Pantheon

Wessex Harmony

The swans - circling

To watch a short video showing Wessex Harmony in action, plus a view of Stourhead from the Pantheon, just click here.