Sunday, July 14, 2013

Camping on the river Exe

Our tent is pitched at the far end of a linear campsite,  abutting the river Exe which is about 12 foot wide  here running briskly over a rocky bed. It's making the sound that your WC makes when it won't stop flushing - some people would call that romantic but I'm wondering how well I'll sleep tonight.

These little midges flying around my head. I haven't been bitten (yet) but what do they live on?  What's the ecology? Cooing doves decorate the evening sky .. or pigeons infest the air with their raucous cries: you decide.

We visited Dunster Castle today in the heat and it was a delight,  the gardens populated with colourful, exotic plants. Our meal this evening in the pub local to the campsite was also rewarding - the landlord denied having wifi but seemed unaware I could piggyback on his BT Internet connection via BT FON. Bandwidth again after a day deprived!

Here are some pix. Dunster Castle,  a couple of pictures of us in our tent-home,  after our meal in the local pub. Apologies for such intense parochialism.

Dunster Castle

The old tent - up again

A babbling brook

The pub at Bridgetown